TM-4100 _ TM-4100D Tacho Meter

Product Price $ 200

TM-4100 _ TM-4100D Tacho Meter-Require

TM-4100 _ TM-4100D Tacho Meter

TM-4100 _ TM-4100D Tacho Meter

- Large LCD 6 digits with backlit.

- Measuring by the output of red visible-spectrum light.

- Measurement distance: 40~500mm.

- Memory of 200 data.

- USB datalogger up to 30,000 data (TM-4100D).


    TM-4100 Tacho Meter can be used for various types of equipment such as conveyors, cooling equipment, dryers, elevators, windmills, rotary feeders and grinders. It is available for contact (with 4100K tool kit) and non-contact applications. The non-contact can measure from 40mm up to 500mm.



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