TM-218 UVC / TM-228 UV A/B/C

TM-218 UVC Light Meter

TM-228 UV A/B/C Light Meter



  • Quickly determine the UV intensity of the factory’s UV products

  • UVC germicidal lamp intensity and aging measurement.

  • UV curing.(TM-228)

  • UVA lamp intensity and aging measurement.(TM-228)

  • 9999. 4 digits LCD with maximum 9999 counts and backlit.

  • Max/Min/Average hold.

  • Data hold.

  • Auto power off with disable function. 

  • Simultaneous display of UV intensity and temperature. (TM-218) 

  • Can measure UV integrator or UV intensity and temperature.

  • Factory QC good/bad product sound auxiliary measurement, 
    which can be applied to the rapid determination of the power of factory UVC sterilization products.

  • Low battery indication 

  • 200 points memory .

  • Tripod.



Model TM-218 TM-228
Measurable UVC UV A/B/C
Calibration Point 254nm 254nm/365nm
Spectrum Range 220 nm ~280nm 230 nm ~395 nm
  • Pure UV-C Monitoring
  • UV-A Lamp Monitoring
  • Lamp Monitoring
  • Sterilization Lamp Monitoring
  • The complete source for all your UV curing needs
  • Full UV Band Monitoring
  • UV Curing   
UV-Integrator Measurement Range 0-99990 mJ/cm2(9999 x10=99990)
Resolution 1,10 mJ/cm2
Accuracy ±10%
Irradiance Measurement Range 9999μw/cm2,40mW/cm2
Resolution 1μw/cm2,0.01mw/cm2
Accuracy ± 4 + 1位(±4% ±1 digit)
Temperature 0-70.0℃(32.0-158℉)
Resolution 0.1℃/0.1℉
Accuracy ±0.6℃/±1.1℉
Storage interval setting 5s,10s, 20s, 30s,60s,5m, 10m, 20m, 30m,60m
Sample time About 0.4 sec.
Integrator(mJ/cm2)=UV Irradiance(mW/cm2) x (S) Exposure seconds





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